Oscar’s Best: Malibu Resident Bryan Fogel and His Sports-Doping Documentary Icarus.

By February 26, 2018 No Comments

“Originally from Colorado, long-time Malibu resident Bryan Fogel set out in 2014 to make a documentary about doping in sports – essentially a Supersize Me on steroids.

But what began as a simple, personal quest to explore and expose sports doping morphed and mutated into something much larger – a story of international espionage and paranoia co-starring Grigory Rodchenkov: A wild and crazy Russian anti-doping official who actually masterminded the Russian illegal doping scheme. Fate allied Rodchenkov and Fogel which resulted in the Russian loudly and internationally blowing the whistle on the ambitiously, joyfully corrupt Russian sports doping program – at the Sochi Olympics and all sports.

Rodchenkov is now in protective custody, in America, hiding from Vlad the Poisoner and his henchmen. The Russian came in from the cold briefly to appear – disguised – on 60 Minutes, and then he disappeared again into American protective custody.

Fogel’s Icarus premiered at Sundance in January of 2017 and got caught in a bidding war, with Netflix paying an unheard of $5 million for a documentary.”